Organic Vanilla

Flavor derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla. This is the basis of the 'Vanilla Flavour'. Vanilla beans (Vanilla planifolia) are long thin pods from a variety of orchid that's grown in a commercial scale in Madagascar, India, Indonesia, Puerto Rico and the West Indies. When opened, the pods are waxy and dark, filled with little brown specks and emit a sweet fragrance. 


  • Color - Chocolate-Brown 
  • Style - Fresh Processing 
  • Type - Raw 
  • Certifications - ISO 22000 & Organic 
  • Shelf Life - 2 Years


  • Beans
  • Extract
  • Powder


  • Calories - 288 kcal 
  • Total Fat - 0.1 g 
  • Fibre - 5 g 
  • Total Carbohydrate - 12.7 g 
  • Protein - 0.1 g 

Vanilla Beans - E-Silk Route Ventures (Pvt.) Ltd.


Vanilla Beans are the long, greenish-yellow seed pods of the tropical orchid plant, Vanilla planifolia. Before the plant flowers, the pods are picked, unripe, and cured until they're dark brown. There is only one vanilla variety in Sri Lanka. Its Vanilla planifolia and there are two types of vanilla such as;

Grade A 

     Length: 6 inches, Moisture: 30% - 35% 

Grade B 

     * Length: 5-6 inches, Moisture: 15% - 25%

Vanilla Extract - E-Silk Route Ventures (Pvt.) Ltd.


To obtain Pure Vanilla Extract, cured Vanilla Beans are steeped in alcohol. According to law, Pure Vanilla Extract must be 35 percent alcohol by volume.

Vanilla Powder - E-Silk Route Ventures (Pvt.) Ltd.


Vanilla is one of the most important flavorants. It is a flavoring agent with aroma of vanilla bean and a strong fragrance. It is an indispensable raw material in the food additive industry.

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