The reputed quality of Ceylon Tea has rapidly grown to include green tea to its mix. Like black tea, tea lovers around the world are in the process of discovering the joys of green tea. The Ceylon Green Tea industry, though very young, is growing rapidly as the product has garnered a popularity among tea drinkers around the world.

The main export markets of Ceylon Green Tea are the Middle East and the Soviet Union, sales are also rapidly improving in Europe, North America and East Asia. Green Tea is rich in antioxidants as it is processed differently, which helps it to retain its nutrients that are ultimately beneficial to your heath. 

Ceylon Green Tea has a fuller body with a rather pungent and malty, nutty flavor to it. Today Ceylon Green Tea is manufactured in a number of estates in mid-grown and high-grown districts. 


We offer different grades of Green Tea. 

Chun Mee


Chun Mee is a popular green tea. It has a dusty appearance and is generally more acidic and less sweet than other green teas. The tea is divided into several grades with numbers.

Gun Powder One


Flavor varies according to the growing location of tea used for production. Its English name comes from its resemblance to grains of gun powder. When buying gun powder tea it is important to look for shiny pellets, which indicate that the tea is relatively fresh. Pellet size is also associated with quality. High quality gunpowder tea will have small, tightly rolled pellets..

Gun Powder Special


Bloom Curl twisted pieces of leaf.

Young Hyson


Similar to OP but colour must be green.

Green curl


Opened coarse more dark colour leaves.

Sowmee White


Even and neat opened pieces.

Green Tea Flowery Fanning


Similar to the BOPF, firm leaf but green color consisting little tips.

Green Powder


Powder type tea last part of the manufacture.

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