Broken Orange Pekoe One


A well twisted semi-leaf tea generally from the low country, with a mild malty taste.

Coconut Bar

Orange Pekoe one 


Long, wiry well or partly twisted tea.

Fruit and Nut Bar

Orange Pekoe


A whole leaf, well twisted tea. A delicate brew that varies in taste according to the different districts. Less wiry than OP1, but much more twisted than OPA.

Orange Pekoe ‘A’


Long bold leaf tea with air twist consisting of large and slightly open leaf pieces.



Twisted and Coarse tea.

Flowery Pekoe


Similar to Pekoe but smaller in size.

Golden TIp


The (white tea) leaves of our Golden Tips tea are dried naturally. Lingering in sweetness due to hints of honey and pine, this light amber-hued liquor is also high in antioxidants.

Silver Tip


Similar to Golden Tip, made out of the buds but in silver colour.

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