why you should start A spice business

• Doing or starting a spice business from home is much cheaper as u don’t have to rent a specific area to start the business.

• Packaging is cheaper and can be sold out in bulk. 

• High in demand for the locals specially in sri lanka. 

• Amazon had 40% increase in 2nd quarter just for food, therefore being in the spice business can increase chances for success due to high demand. 

• In 2019, the global spices market was valued at about 11.5 billion U.S. dollars. 

• The global market for spices is likely to witness a 3.89% CAGR from 2019 to 2025, expanding its valuation to about 14.5 billion 

U.S. dollars by the end of 2025. 

 • Pepper and nutmeg considered as one of the most popular and most sold spices.

Our Company takes care of Supply Chains from Sourcing, Manufacturing/processing, Packaging, Labelling, comprising - Total Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) / Private Labelling, Shipping / Logistics, Clearance (for some destinations) and last-mile delivery/fulfillment

We offer the entire range from world renowned Ceylon Cinnamon, to much sought after Ceylon Black Pepper to, high-value Ceylon Vanilla.  



- Long history and well-established market 

- Geography – Initiate Geographical Indication protection for the Sri Lankan spices 

- Climate - Favorable climatic & soil conditions in the country to increase the cultivations & productivity - Skilled labor force 

- Pure Ceylon Cinnamon mark to differentiate the Ceylon Cinnamon from other cinnamon in the global market 


- Government support to boost the exports of value-added products (Reduce the Tax for value added products) 

- Establishment of training centers and processing centers for spices 

- Increase the awareness on quality management practices among processors and exporters

- Use of new technologies in the industry 

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