The Vision Behind Silk Cooperation

Silk Cooperation commenced its journey with the objective of establishing strategic trade routes in the modern business world and exporting superior quality commodities produced locally. From world-renowned Ceylon Spices, Tea, Herbs, and Coconut products our diverse product range keeps growing!

Together with Fairtrade, Silk Cooperation focuses on uplifting the livelihood of rural farm-based communities by ensuring that the farmers obtain the best price for their produce. With the expansion of our factories and offices worldwide, there is a consistent creation of jobs as well. Here at Silk Cooperation, we strive to give the best value for final consumers and in the process improve the quality of life for those in need, to make a difference in their lives!

Value addition is a focal point at Silk Cooperation. Our products are organic, made from natural ingredients, and sourced in an ethical manner. Silk Cooperation has a full range of certifications from organic certifications to comply with the quality standards. We facilitate the bulk purchase of our products along with customized private labeling services as well. Taking care of all your needs from sourcing, branding to delivery. Enhancing value whilst giving back to the community is what we do!