Silk Route Brands

Travelling through the Strategic trade routes connecting the West & East, Silk Route Brands bring you the best products from around the world. We have a variety of brands which cater to different product segments. 

Our Factories use safe and effective manufacturing processes built around cellular manufacturing principles which enables a large variety of products to be strategically produced with minimal slack times and the highest throughput.Furthermore, our factories provide valuable employment opportunities to the areas around the factory. Our Farmers; the very upstream of our Supply Chain belong to a Challenged socio-economic class who have been masked by Intermediaries for a very long time. With our direct trade model we are able to provide the best possible price for the produce of our Micro, Small & medium scale farmers. 

The variety of brands offered through Silk Route Brands are: 

  1. Flavors by Silk - Through Flavors we bring you the most premium quality Organic Certified Spices sourced directly from Small-Scale farmers in Sri Lanka. FLAVORS Spices enhance the color, fragrance and flavor of food. In addition, many of them also have many health benefits. Used in the right combination, spices can turn the simplest food into an aromatic and rich experience in the world of cooking. 
  2. Cocoes by Silk - Cocoes markets the Coconut Products offered by us. Our Coconut Products originate from the land of Sri Lanka to cater to the needs of our Global customers. Since ancient times, coconuts have been a part of Asian culture because of the health, nutrition and cosmetology related benefits that they offer. Our range of products, sourced from the best organic coconut plantations in Sri Lanka are processed and packaged in such a way to preserve those benefits from the point of cultivation to the point of delivery. 
  3. Superfoods by Silk - Superfoods by Silk was introduced with the sole objective of offering our Customers with a variety of premium Quality Nutrition dense Foods. Currently the main Superfoods we offer are: Young Jackfruit in Brine, Coconut Jam and Green Banana Flour. 
  4. Zest by Silk - With the objective of taking the premium quality Ceylon tea to the world, Zest was introduced. Ceylon Tea is world renowned for its premium quality in taste, aroma and color. Zest offers premium tea for the retail market across the globe. Sri Lanka is one of the most famous countries to produce tea. The unique tastes and the impeccable aromas of Ceylon Tea is what makes it famous around the globe.