Silk Chains Oceania

Through the Silk Route to Australia! Silk Chains Oceania brings a variety of Organic & Premium Spices, Herbs, Coconut Products and more, directly to your doorstep in Australia!

Australia is a key export market for Sri Lanka, and is the 13th largest export destination. The main export products include Tea and Coconut Oil. Silk Chains Oceania caters to these markets as well. In addition the potential products comprise of Pharmaceuticals, Activated Carbon and more! Check out our range of Nutraceuticals (i.e. herbal capsule solutions).  

Silk Chains Oceania has a vast product portfolio. Our signature products are spices such as Ceylon Cinnamon, rare herbs inclusive of Ashwagandha, Moringa & Heenbovitiya, Virgin Coconut Oil and the list goes on! We facilitate the bulk purchase of the products you require and will be your partner through the entire process from sourcing, branding to delivery. 

Our in-house design team will take care of the branding, private labelling according to your preferences. While our expert Operations Team will carry out the shipping for you hassle-free! Feel free to contact our Sales Team for your inquiries and queries, they will offer you thorough consultancy service. Silk Chains Oceania is your one stop shop for organic products!