Silk Chains Europa

Silk Cooperation has a vast global presence with operational offices in 7 countries. Silk Chains Europa, is the subsidiary company that caters to customers in Europe. Once, Silk Cooperation discovered a lucrative market in the European region, it was vital to build a supply chain in this region, hence Silk Chains Europa was born. 

Silk Chains Europa specializes in the entire spectrum of supply chains solutions from the food and beverage sector from material, procurement until final delivery at the customers warehouse.

Let’s dive into the supply chain solutions, Silk Chains Europa offers. Choose from extensive product portfolio comprising of Food Supplements (i.e. herbal capsules), Organic Coconut products, Organic Herbs, Organic Spices & Ceylon Tea. 

Display the products in an attractive manner with our branding solutions. Our expert in-house design team specializes in customized private labelling. While the operations team will take care of the delivery securely, hassle free! Thus, our customers only have one point of contact to manage the entire supply chain. Moreover, Silk Chains Europa is certified organic with EU & USDA Organic certifications, we provide the finest quality products to our consumers! 

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