Private Mixing

E-Silk Ventures provides a wide range of spice mixes, fruit powder mixes and herb mixtures. In the event if you cannot identify the required product mixture in our product range, send us an inquiry our manufacturing team at E-Silk Ventures’ will be able to produce the customised order. 

E-Silk will act as your Global Strategic Sourcing Partner and will be able to procure the required organic agricultural product through our established domestic and international strategic supply chain partners. E-Silk Ventures ensures that the required product will be available to you in the required standard and quantity.

E-Silk Ventures adopts best market and ethical practices at all instances. E-Silk Ventures’ recognises that Recipes of private product mixes confidential intellectual property of our private mix customers. Therefore, all necessary legal and other precautionary measures will be taken by E-Silk Ventures’ to safeguard the product mix recipes of our customers.  

As a value adding service, E-Silk Ventures will provide services such as private labeling , warehousing and marketing and distribution to our private mix customers. Further, E-Silk Ventures has a state of the art testing facility and expert professionals on board. If there is any customer requirement for any specific product parameter testing, it can be performed at our very own laboratories. 

Further, E-Silk Ventures provides a platform to market and sell private product mix customers products under E-Silk Venture brands. Under this scheme, the entire procurement to product delivery will be handled by E-Silk Ventures. Private product mix customers will be compensated based on the sales generated. 

Benefits of Procuring Private Product Mixing Services From E-Silk Ventures 

  • E-Silk Ventures will act as a one stop shop for your supply chain management services.
  • Private Product Mix customers can focus on product research and development 
  • No need to spend time and money in knowing the manufacturing process 
  • Additional value adding services can be obtained at an affordable price.