Private Labelling & Packaging

Silk Cooperation offers you a full-service packaging experience! Our Kraft Paper pouches is a popular packaging option. With the rising awareness on sustainable, eco-friendly packaging options, Kraft Paper is ideal to pack organic snacks, teas, coffee & more! 

Kraft Paper is 100% sustainable/recyclable and a well renowned packaging option across the world! As it is produced from all- natural ingredients & FDA approved food grade materials. 

Kraft Paper packaging evokes a sense of sustainability among consumersand it reflects the qualities of natural products inside. 

In addition to the Kraft Paper pouches Silk Cooperation’s Aluminum stand up bags have a strong adaptability to temperature, while the LDPE inner gusted bag made out of Polypropylene (PP) , is the perfect minimalistic packaging option. Display your products in style with Silk Co’s packaging options!

Silk Cooperation goes above and beyond to give you high quality and attractive packaging. This is where our private labelling comes in to play. One of our most demanded services, we bring you the best of private labelling. Silk Cooperation’s in-house team of designs are ready to cater to your every need when it comes to branding and private labelling. All you have to do is communicate your requirements and let us take care of the rest. 

When it comes to packaging, Silk Cooperation is the right choice! Stay tuned for our new arrivals! 

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