Partner Factories & Certification

As a Producer cum. Supply Chain Manager, we are stringent when it comes to working with partner facilities for excess capacity and products we do not directly manufacture with. We look into the following criteria when it comes to partner selection

  • Product Quality 
  • Standards & Certification 
  • Supply Chain & Farmers 
  • Employment Practises 
  • Ethics & CSR 

By looking beyond the price of the product, we are able to affirm that our supply chains of Partners produce premium quality products, as per guidelines & in conformity of Different quality & other Standards such as Good Manufacturing practises (GMP), HACCP, ISO, FSSC, BRC. This ensures that the products are of the highest food safety standards in conformity with International Standards. Furthermore, for Organic products we ensure that our partners are USDA organic and/Or EU Organic certified.

We consider Farmers & the related supply chain, the very Upstream of our Supply Chain, hence the originators, however, who belong to a challenged sector, who are exploited by other intermediaries in a larger Scale. Since we are strict about Fairtrade & Direct Trade practises; we ensure that Farmers are paid the fair price for their produce and that they get the highest yield and NOT other intermediaries. 

We have zero tolerence for Child Labour and any unethical employment practises. Hence, you could be rest assured that your supply chains would consist of ethical labor and employment practises. Furthermore, we go the extra mile of selecting partners who truly uplift the livelihood and related community of farmers and the workforce.

 This way we ensure 100% conformance to our beloved customer requirements in terms of Standards & Certification required, Supply Chain requirements, Ethical & employment considerations. This is much crucial in today's markets where end consumers are increasingly interested not only in the product quality but in the HOW and the WHY behind the story!