Organic Green Banana Flour

Sri Lankan green banana flour is a product used all over the world for its many nutrition values hidden in as a flour. This product is a 100% organic product produced in a vegan facility. There is Non-GMO flour that is being used here with the highest safety standards. 

Green banana flour is a good source of fiber that could play a major role in digestive health and heart health. 100g of banana flour could contain around 2.6 grams of fiber facilitating smooth digestion. 

Green banana flour is rich in potassium and it approximately contains around 531 milligrams per 1 cup of serving. This will ensure proper kidney function and helps maintain blood sugar levels. 

Green banana flour plays the main role in weight reduction as it aids the digestion of food through the high amount of fibers and very low sugar content. It also can keep you full for a long period of time stopping your cravings for more food. 

You would be surprised to here, green banana flour has a very low glycemic index which is only 30 which other so-called dietary food has 55 glycemic index. This absorbed and metabolized slowly, thereby ensuring there is no sudden surge in blood sugar levels. The rich fiber content of raw bananas will help to solve conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome and constipation. This can be done by steamed or boiled flour with a pinch of salt. This product manufactured by silk route ventures under Eu organic and USDA organic certification with quality assured factory certification FSSC22000. Green banana flour can be bought from Amazon USA, Amazon Australia, and Singapore Lazada for retail buying and could directly contact Esilk route ventures for bulk purchasing or private labeling.