Organic Ceylon Chilli

Organic Chili powder from Sri lanka. Fruit berries of plants from the genus Capsicum used to enhance the Savoryness of Food. The Capsaicin gives Chili Pepper its intensity. 

Dry chilly is extensively used as spice in curried dishes. It is also used as an ingredient in curry powder and in seasonings. Bird chilly is used in making hot sauces as pepper sauce and Tabasco sauce. 

Manufacturing Process 


Chili Powder is used in Southwestern and Mexican-type cooking. It's a prominent ingredient of chili con carne, and is also used to season eggs, shellfish, cheese dishes, and stews. Manufacturers use chili powder in processed Mexican foods, sausages, and pork and beans. Chili Powder mixtures can vary from mild to extremely spicy. It is not necessarily hot, but may have a mild flavor if made with a chili pepper of a less pungent variety.

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