Explore Silk Cooperation’s Packaging Options!

Kraft Pouches is the optimal packaging option for your spices, herbs, coffee, tea, snacks and more! Our signature Kraft Pouches are air-tight, keeping unwanted moisture and odours out. It is re-sealable as well making it the perfect packaging option! The speciality of Kraft Pouches is its stand up properties (i.e. the pouch stands on its own and does not need additional support). In addition Kraft Pouches are lightweight, sustainable and a better alternative in comparison to the traditional bulkier packaging options.

Silk Cooperation facilitates the bulk purchase of Kraft Pouches, so get your hands on our most popular packaging option! Choose from three main varieties:

- Brown Kraft Paper Pouch
- White Kraft Paper Pouch
- Kraft Paper Window Pouch

In various sizes and dimensions according to your preferences. Our best-selling Kraft Pouches are:

- Standard Brown Kraft Paper Pouch
- Brown Kraft Paper Window Pouch

Recommended Usage

Spices and herbs packaging - Stand up Kraft Paper Pouches / LDPE Inner gusted bag. This is the ideal packaging option as you can keep your spices and herbs airtight and fresh.

Coffee & Tea – Stand up Kraft Paper Pouches. Display your Ceylon Tea & Coffee in style with our Kraft Paper Pouches! Premium packaging varieties are integral to store premium Ceylon Tea & Coffee products.

Snacks & Nuts – Window Pouch. Our Kraft Window Pouch is a popular for packing snacks and nuts as it is airtight and will keep your snacks and nuts fresh! Showcase your snacks and nuts products in an attractive manner with our Window Pouch  

We also offer, LDPE Clear Gusted Inner Bag
The perfect minimalistic packaging option! Make your products shine/ with our LDPE Clear Gusted Inner Bag! It has zip-lock capabilities as well!

When it comes to packaging, Silk Cooperation is the right choice! Stay tuned for our new arrivals! 

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