Welcome to the Digital Era of Organic Farming

Sri Lanka is a nation driven by natural and organic farming since ancient times. The island nation quite familiar with the word “organic” before the concept of organic farming introduces to the western world. It’s not a secret that we live in a time of advanced digital technology. We, E-Silk Route Ventures has realized the potential Sri Lanka has an agricultural nation and initiated a journey that would enable us to digitalize the traditional value chain of farm to consumer. In that way, we have been able to uplift the livelihood of the small and medium-scale farmer communities while providing international customers with premium quality products. We value the concept of Direct Trade and we have incorporated it with modern technology to find a platform in maximizing the value of the product of the farmers.

In doing so not only we get an opportunity to help uplift the standards of the local farmers but also be able to provide a quality output to final consumers as we strongly believe in the concepts of Fair/Direct Trade and Organic produce. 

By using the geographical advantage we have as a country and with the help and knowledge of smallholder farmers, we wish to specialize in reaching out to customers from all around the world by leveraging online platforms & optimizing the use of the internet as well as Offline traditional platforms. This has helped us in achieving our objective of being the platform in providing fresh, organic produce produced by the local farmers to customers all over the world.  

Our aim is to satisfy the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy theirs. We have been blessed with a workforce that are committed to this cause and this is personified by every little concept/initiative we invest in.

Our Products are Organic & Certified by EU & USDA. Our Organic production and processing practices ensure that it has the least negative impact on the Environment, our fellow Employees and our Customers.

Our entire supply chain has been designed with the cornerstones of tractability in mind. Hence our products are Traceable from ‘Farm-to-Fork’. The production and documentation processes have been implemented in such a way that; it enables efficient Tracing & tracing if and when required.

One of the perks of having a digitized process is that we have been able to achieve a ‘Green Growth’ year-on-year by implementing Greener concepts and practices throughout our organization. Following are some of the Green Initiatives we have implemented in recent years:

  • Re-use of cartons & paper 
  • Preference of use of solar dryers over other dryers 
  • Treatment of organic solid waste and using them as fertilizer in our plantations 
  • Treatment of wastewater and divert to plantations 

Without stopping there, the social impact of our online direct trade model has created is enormous due to the disinter mediation in the agricultural value chains of the products which we source. This has resulted in our farmers & their families getting maximum throughput for their hard-worked produce, which otherwise would have been squeezed by the other intermediaries.

Hence, our Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is more towards creating a positive social impact through better supply chain redesign and collaboration. We firmly believe that these practices are sustainable than traditional CSR activities. Nonetheless, we do give back to the farmer based rural communities through traditional CSR projects as well. Also, we are in the process of developing a social impact measuring system termed as the “Silk Social Index”. Through this index, any client will be able to get an exact figure on the impact they have created through any purchase.  

Author : E Silk Route Ventures