Customized Sourcing

As your trusted strategic customised sourcing partner E-Silk route Ventures will be your one stop shop for all your organic agricultural produce. We will source products via our domestic and international partners. We continuously strive to establish new partnerships with factories and suppliers around the world to strengthen our strategic customised sourcing operations. Our team will collaborate with you and analyse your product requirements to create the best possible economical and efficient solution.

At E Silk Route Ventures, we specialize in reaching out to customers from all around the world by leveraging online platforms & optimizing the use of the internet as well as Offline traditional platforms. The main aim is to provide Customized Sourcing Services to our international clients speed and ease with the latest information technology available.   

E-Silk Ventures have established many reliable means of communications for customers and our future potential customers can reach us easily and can convey the customized sourcing needs and requirements. 

  1. Trade Inquiry - Send us a message via our online portals such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram messenger 
  2. Analyzing Trade Inquiry - Sourcing Experts at E-Silk Ventures will analyse your trade inquiry and locate a suitable and appropriate supplier that matches your custom sourcing requirement.
  3. Responding to Your Trade Inquiry - Once a suitable supplier has been found then our sourcing experts will send you the relevant quotation with detailed information.
  4. Confirmation and Delivery - Once the acknowledgement for the quotation is received our supply chain executives will proceed the order and inform you the date of deliver
At E-Silk, we understand that all our customers are unique, and that their needs and requirements can differ for each and every sourcing requirement. E-Silk aims to create personal ideal solutions for our clients based on their needs and requirements, so our clients receive customized sourcing solutions. Once sourced and customized, our graphic designing department will design the packaging for your private label or brand.   

Our extensive experience in domestic and overseas sourcing allows us to ease the purchasing and logistic process and assures quality control that will meet the most rigorous specifications.