Concept to Delivery (C2D)

How difficult, time and cost consuming is it in Reality to Launch a Brand of your own from scratch or a simple concept? Then to work towards launching it through designing, sourcing, manufacturing, packaging to fulfillment and delivery? Furthermore, each of these components could have different layers and depths. For example, sourcing would include sourcing of Packaging material (Size / color / Type etc.) then the Sourcing of material (Quality / Cut size / Length etc.). Hence, developing a Brand from a simple concept to a ready-made product is a long and tiresome process.

This is where Silk Cooperation offers its Service of Concept-to-Delivery (C2D). Through C2D, we will work closely with you through every stage; however, while taking the majority of the burden on our shoulders. Our experience as a Supply Chain Management company for Entrepreneurs, Small Businesses, Cafes & Restaurants, Food Service Providers, Wholesaler, Manufacturers, E-Commerce retailers, Private Label Owners and Regional Brands in over 30 countries has equipped us with the necessary network and core understanding of what it truly to takes to build and sell a brand anywhere globally.

The core-service offered under C2D is where we take care of the major hassles of launching a brand into our experienced hands and manage it for you as your Supply Chain Manager. We will be taking care of Sourcing of Raw materials, Manufacturing (for value added and other products), Packaging (selecting suitable packaging and source based on your requirement), Branding (designing / creating your logo & labels with you, based on the Packaging material and your brand concept), and finally we will take care of shipping of these products to your warehouse or E-Commerce fulfillment center, which would take care of last mile delivery. This way, you can build and start fulfilling your products, without even being physically involved in the process.

The process:


In case you are interested in building and selling your own Brand on an E-Commerce platform, the simple exact Steps are stated below:


It’s really that simple!

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