Coir & Mixture for Plants

Coconut Coir is the secret ingredient in our growing mixture! It has a multitude of benefits to make your plants thrive!

What is Coconut Coir?

Coconut Coir is the fibrous husk and pithy dust that makes up the outer layer of a ripe coconut. It has become a popular Hydroponics (i.e. soilless) growing medium, for gardening. 

Why Coconut Coir?

• Shock stress buffer (i.e. absorbs extra nutrients) – Don’t worry about adding extra fertilizer and other nutrients as the Coconut Coir will only use what is necessary and absorb the excess.

• High water retention – Coconut Coir is an extremely effective growing medium as it can absorb up to 10x its weight in water. Which means that roots in your plants will not get dehydrated.

• Optimal Structure (good air to water ratio) - Offers a rare combination of excellent water retention, reliable drainage and ideal aeration. It gives the roots plenty of room, allowing for optimum air exposure.

• Easy to handle - Lightweight and flexible

• Eco-friendly and reusable - Coco coir uses parts of the fruit that used to go to waste and can be composted as well.

• Don’t worry about insects - Most garden pests do not enjoy settling in coconut coir, making it excellent to repel pests from your garden.

• Plants grow faster and give a bigger yield - When used for drain-to-waste growing, Coco Coir gives excellent results. With the right Coco Coir nutrients in your water bath, your plants spend less time searching for food and more time growing.

Coconut Coir Brick

First add water for the Compressed Coconut Coir Brick to form into the soil solution. Afterwards, add Perlite to the mix in the ration 1 : 3 (Perlite : Coconut Fibre). Add Calcium and Magnesium (Cal-Mag) Supplement to enhance the nutrient mix to ensure optimal growth for the plant.

Coconut Coir and Perlite Mixture Bag

Contains all the necessary ingredients (i.e. Coconut Coir, Perlite and additional nutrients). The mixture is good to go you don’t have to add anything extra!

For new users of Hydroponics solutions, Coconut Coir is a good first step as you can practice the basics of Hydroponic gardening without having to buy or build a Hydroponics system and perform all of the maintenance that it requires.

Unleash the power of Coconut Coir, the perfect Hydroponics solution!

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