Ceylon Origin Herbs

  • Ceylon Ashwagandha
Scientific Name: Withania somnifera

Its roots and orange-red fruit have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes. The herb is also called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. The name ashwagandha describes the smell of its root (like a horse). By definition, ashwa means horse. The herb is considered one of the most important herbs in the Ayurvedic medicine system, a healthcare practice that started in India over 3,000 years ago.

    • One of the most popular super foods going around 
    • Filled with adaptogenic properties 
    • Optimal moisture content 

  • Varieties of Ashwagandha
    • Whole
      • Ashwagandha Whole is the root of the Ashwagandha as depicted in the below image.
    • Powder
      • Ashwagandha extract could be used in sedative and pain relief, lowering blood pressure, treat chronic inflammation, such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, reduce vaginal discharge, Improve sexual function

  • Ceylon Moringa

Scientific Name: Moringa oleifera 

Moringa is an important food source in some parts of the world. Moringa leaves retain lots of vitamins and minerals when dried, moringa is used in many regions in feeding programs to fight malnutrition. The leaves are cooked and used like spinach, and they are also dried and powdered for use as a condiment. Moringa leaves can be consumed fresh, cooked or as powder. It can be used in tea, in capsules, added to beverages, sprinkled in salads or soup... etc. Moringa contains proteins, vitamins, and minerals. As an antioxidant, it seems to help protect cells. 

    • An ayurvedic super-food filled with essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals 
    • Optimal moisture content 
    • Earthy and grassy aroma and fresh taste
    • Bright and vibrant green in color 
  • Varieties of Moringa 
    • Whole
      • The leaves are naturally one of the most concentrated sources of 90+ nutrients including vitamins, minerals, vital proteins, antioxidants and other nutrients including omega oils. These nutrients fuel the body and provide long-lasting energy.
    • Powder
      • Moringa Powder is rich in Vitamins A to K, providing your body with 46 powerful antioxidants.

  • Iramusu

Scientific NameHemidesmus indicus 

Other Names: Sarsaparilla / Iramusu / Anantamul / Sariva / Indian sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla is famously known as a tonic, diaphoretic blood purifier. This facilitates in curing many diseases as Nutritional disorders, syphilis, chronic rheumatism, gravel and other urinary diseases and skin affections. 

  • Iramusu Ayurvedic Herbal Tea purifies blood and helps to develop a cleaner system. 
  • Iramusu Herbal Tea acts as a diuretic, diaphoretic and demulcent. 
  • Detoxifies and purifies blood. 
  • Improves skin complexion. 
  • Relieves gastric hyper-acidity. 
  • Prevents loss of hair due to heatyness of the body. 

  • Thebu Leaves

Scientific Name: Costus speciosus 

Thebu is an important medicinal plant widely used in several indigenous systems of medicine for the treatment of various ailments. The rhizome of these plants are used as an alternative source for diosgenin and generally used to control diabetes. Nurseries are now promoting this exotic species as an 'antidiabetic plant' which lowers the blood sugar levels. These can be obtained in raw form or in various cut sizes. 

  • It can reduce the blood sugar level
  • Thebu Leaves can stimulate appetite
  • Control phlegm and bile 
  • Treat skin issues 
  • Control fever and cough 

  • Lemon Grass

Scientific Name: POACEAE


Lemongrass is used in herbal teas and other nonalcoholic beverages in baked goods, and in confections. Oil from lemongrass is widely used as a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics, such as soaps and creams. Citral, extracted from the oil, is used in flavoring soft drinks in scenting soaps and detergents, as a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics, and as a mask for disagreeable odors in several industrial products. Citral is also used in the synthesis of ionones used in perfumes and cosmetics. Source of lemongrass oil used to flavor teas, ice cream, candy, pastries, desserts and chewing gum. Also used in cosmetics and perfumes. Quick-growing clumps. Can be used instead of the classic lemongrass (Thai) in culinary dishes. 

  • Amalaki/Amla 

Scientific Name: Phyllanthus Emblica Phyllanthus Emblica 

Amla is one of the oldest known Indian fruits and the medicinal properties of this fruit have been described in major Ayurvedic text. It is one of the three ingredients of the famous Triphalarecommended for digestive disorders. It is a major source of vitamin C. 

  • It helps in promoting longevity and enhancing digestive system. 
  • It helps in the reduction of cough and fever. 
  • It acts as on source of blood purifier. 
  • It helps in treating constipation, alleviation of asthma, strengthen of heart. 
  • It is also helpful for eyes, growth of hair, enliven the body, and enhance intellect. 
  • Phyllanthus Emblica is helpful in unrelieved conditions like, antioxidant, prevention of ulcer. 
  • It is also helpful for person suffering from mental and memory effects. 
  • It is effective in high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis, swelling and pain in the pancreas (pancreatitis), stomach upset, pain in joints, diarrhea, obesity, dysentery and organ restoration. 
  • It is also helpful to kill germs and lower pain and swelling resulting due to the body's response to illness of injury (inflammation).
  • Phyllanthus Emblica is said to be rich in Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C, a dominant antioxidant helpful to trim down wrinkles, restrain pigmentation, and facilitate skin maintain its natural wetness. 

  • Heenbovitiya

Scientific Name: Osbeckia octandra 

Heenbovitiya is a rare naturally wild grown plant which is endemic to Sri Lanka. Traditionally, it has been used in many treatments associated with the liver. 

  • May support cirrhosis treatment 
  • Known for fighting cancer cells 
  • Could reduce ascites 
  •  Helps control hyperlipidemia 
  • May treat hemorrhoids