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E-Commerce has been a key area of Investment for E-Silk Route Ventures T/A Silk Cooperation from Inception. Having an E-Commerce and direct to consumer presence enables us to cut down on non-value adding entities / intermediaries in our Value chains, bring higher value in terms of cost reductions to our end Consumers and higher value in terms of a better & fair purchase price to the very upstream of our Value Chains; our Beloved farmers.

We have been able to establish E-Commerce operations in the following Regions, with their respective E-Commerce Channel: 

  • United Stated - / 
  • Australia - 
  • Singapore - 
  •  Sri Lanka - / / / / / 

Our retail products are sold through our two Key Brands; 

Silk Route Brands (SRB) which offers a wide range of Organic Spices / Organic Herbs / Organic Coconut Products / Organic & Conventional Tea / Organic Fruits & Dehydrated Products / Organic Superfoods and other Organic Value added Fruits (View more information at:

Ancient Nutraceuticals (AN) which offer a range of Herbal / Dietary / Ayurvedic / Food Supplements (View more information at:

Links to our E-Commerce stores are as follows: 

eBay - AN 

eBay - SRB 

Amazon US - AN 

Amazon US - SRB 

Amazon AU - SRB 

Lazada SG

Daraz LK - AN 

Daraz LK - SRB 

Mymed LK 

Wasi LK 

Justgoodness LK