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E-Silk route Ventures was incorporated with the objective of establishing Strategic trade Routes in the modern business world and exporting superior quality commodities produced locally. Being located in Sri Lanka, we are able to supply the World with High-Caliber Spices, Tea, Herbs, Coconut Products, and other Agricultural Products. Based in Sri Lanka, with its rich history in the trade, fertile soil, and optimal temperature ranges, we specialize in supplying high caliber spices, tea, herbs, coconut products, and other agricultural products. We aim to deliver only the organic produce of the highest quality so that you may benefit from the best that nature has to offer. All our products are ethically procured and processed to ensure that all partners in our supply and value chains are well sustained, and that total quality is achieved. 

We believe in consistent innovation and learning to continuously improve our manufacturing and operating processes, and we are committed to leaving a minimum carbon footprint on the planet. With our firm belief in pursuing authenticity and prioritizing social responsibility, we aim to bring only the best of Asia to the world. E-Silk Route was established in 2014 and is currently headed by its founder and carries out its operations through the Colombo office, supported by his professionally qualified and experienced staff with wide experience in Sales / Marketing, finance, research and development, and operations. 

Our main objectives are, 

  •  To provide our Sri Lankan regional farmers with economic stability and support 
  •  To encourage and promote organic farming 
  • To consistently improve and educate ourselves about the best processes 
  • To provide our customers with the best quality, green, healthy, and organic produce   

E-Silk Route has managed to capture a significant client base over the years from across the world owing to its ability to leverage technology and to offer a trusted and customer-oriented value for money service. With the expanding client base, we believe it’s our duty to expand ourselves with the expectation of creating more job and career opportunities to the youth and rural community in this Country, whilst ensuring that we are directly involved in & have more control over the production process to ensure a higher quality standard for our customers.

Author : E Silk Route Ventures.